Dedicated To Payment Processing For the Intimates Industry
Payment processing is not just our business, it’s our passion!


Q:Can you really process for intimate apparel and products?
A: YES! We are partnered with banks, processors, and gateways who all support your business type.

Q:I opened an account with Steve in the past, is there any benefit to considering moving my processing to Intimate Payments?
A: YES! Steve has left Humboldt Merchant Services specifically to start a company focused on your industry. Intimate Payments is dedicated to providing you better pricing and service than your current processor, whomever that may be.

Q:Does my product type automatically require a reserve?
A: NO! If your company or yourself personally are financially stable, it is unlikely that a reserve would be required. A reserve may be required if the company has poor financial standing, poor personal credit, or high chargebacks.